Night Safari Admission and Tram (e-Ticket)

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2015-01-01 to 2015-12-31

Travel Period:
2015-01-01 to 2015-12-31

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Walk-in Price : S$39 (Admission Ticket)
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Promotions Price : Night Safari Admission + Tram Ride (e-Ticket) = S$37

Online Price applicable to both Local and Foreign Visitor (Passport Holder).


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Adult Child (3 - 12 Years)
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  • Night Safari Admission & Tram E-Ticket


You may have visited the Singapore Zoo many times during daylight hours, but if you haven’t taken a stroll at Asia’s famous Night Safari, you haven’t fully enjoyed the full zoo experience in the city state.  The Singapore Zoo is celebrating its 20th year of hosting Night Safari and you are only a tram ride or night trail walk away from discovering how different zoo life is at night.

Experienced Night Safari visitors recommend you start your Night Safari visit by taking the 40-minute tram ride.  Listen to live commentary as the tram glides through seven biodiverse zones ranging from the Himalayan foothills to Equatorial Africa.

The Himalayan foothills are home to nimble-footed mountain goats, bharals, and makors, the world’s largest wild goats.  As you cross into the Indian Subcontinent you may be able to see mouflons, mountain-dwelling ancestors of domestic sheep.

Gir lions inhabit the dense Gir Forest of India.  Smaller than African lions and few in number in the wild, Night Safari is proud of its success in breeding Gir lions to keep these magnificent animals from becoming extinct.  The sloth bear is another unique inhabitant of the Indian Subcontinent.  You may hear him before you see him – he makes loud sucking noises when siphoning insects from their mounds.

The Equatorial Africa zone is always popular its giraffes, zebras, spotted hyenas, and Scimitar-horned Oryxes of the plains and savannahs.  Spot the Nile hippos just before crossing into the Indo-Malayan Region. The Asian Riverine Forest of the Indo-Malayan region is home to Chawang, Night Safari’s bull elephant, as well as the majestic Malayan tiger and barbirusa pig.  The Night Safari tram tour continues through the Nepalese River Valley, and on to the Burmese Hillside (the last zone of the guided tram tour). 

The Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari hours are 7:30 PM to 12:00 MN, daily.  Your tram tour traveled through seven biodiverse zones in only 40 minutes.  Why not plan to make your Night Safari evening as complete as possible by taking one or more of the walking trail tours?

Like the guided tram tour, there are seven walking trail zones to enjoy.   The newest addition to the Night Safari is the Wallaby Trail that includes wildlife of the Australian Outback and highland forests.  In addition to the unique Australian inhabitants (including sugar gliders, venomous centipedes, and tawny frogmouth – a small bird), spend time in the free-ranging Wallaby walk-through habitat.

The Fishing Cat Trail highlights the river nightlife of fishing cats in the jungles of Singapore.  Binturongs (bear cats), civets, barking deer, small-clawed otters, and slow loris all hunt in or near the shallow marshy waters.

Not to be missed is the Leopard Trail with the “largest collection of wildlife indigenous to Southeast Asia”.  Leopard Trail also offers two walk-through habitats where you can look for leopards, clouded leopards and Gir lions.

Complete your Night Safari with the East Lodge Trail which includes the greatly-endangered Malayan tiger, barbirusa pigs, red river hogs, and spotted hyenas.  This savannah zone is also home to the beautiful servals with legs, “that are the longest of any cats in relation to their body size”.

Visiting the Night Safari is the best way imaginable to fully experience the amazing wildlife of the Singapore Zoo.  The Singapore Zoo is proud to be in the forefront of animal conservation and its Night Safari program is one way of bringing awareness and species appreciation to public attention.  From the powerful to the delicate, the plentiful to the nearly-extinct, Night Safari showcases and the habitats and inhabitants of the world’s most amazing and precious animals.